Rob & Rhia | Lovers in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

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I recently spent a month revisiting the island of Bali. For those who know me well, you may know I have mixed feelings about this little island of Indonesia. Yet something brought me back, and I’m coming to believe part of that was the opportunity to meet Rhia & Rob. I connected with them the morning after my arrival at the villa I had booked on AirBnb; the place they call home after relocating their lives from Australia to Bali to pursue their passions. Talking to them soon brightened many of the negative thoughts that were clouding my mind. That’s exactly what this couple does– they bring a ray of light and positivity to everyone they encounter in this world.

It makes me so happy seeing couples who are a true team. Who offer endless support, constantly love on one another, and are each others biggest cheerleaders. That’s what I saw in Rhia & Rob after spending time with them during my travels in Bali.

Thank you for being true testaments to unyielding love.

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Meet Rhia & Rob:


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