Tori & Gareth | High Cliff State Park Engagement

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These two have shared passions that are after my own heart, and that’s why we got along so well during their engagement session at High Cliff State Park and created pure magic together!

Both lovers of adventure and traveling, we talked the entire photo shoot about places we’ve gone, and dream of going. Tori and Gareth even have a van that they call home when they head off on road trips- how awesome is that!? They of course wanted to include their van, Ophelia, in their photos and I am so happy they did! Gareth even broke out his guitar and sang ‘Banana Pancakes’ by Jack Johnson to Tori, and it was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve witnessed during an engagement shoot 🙂

These two peas in a pod are also getting married at one of my favorite locations next month, Bubolz Nature Preserve, a place they chose after many wooded trail walks together. I can’t wait!!

Meet Tori & Gareth:

5 Comments on “Tori & Gareth | High Cliff State Park Engagement”

  1. These photos look like they come out of a love song. One that is telling us a story. And it’s just the beginning of many happily anticipated wonderous journeys. Waiting to turn the next page.

  2. Hi. I want to take engagement pictures with you at high cliff. What are your prices and availability?

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