Iceland 2017

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Iceland is for the nature lovers and adventurers alike. I had really high expectations after all I had researched about it beforehand, but it was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Around every bend we turned, there was a picture-worthy landscape.¬†There’s no place truly more fitting if you want to go enjoy the great outdoors, or a bit of quietness; and with a population of only 300,000, it genuinely has a small town feel wherever you go.

During our 10 day trip, we drove around Ring Road & the Golden Circle to tour the entire country. We were exposed to majestic waterfalls, rugged mountains, geothermal springs, adorable horses, vibrant rainbows, and genuinely kind locals.¬†One thing we did learn about Iceland is that nothing comes cheap. If you’re planning a trip of your own here, kiss your healthy eating habits goodbye, and welcome an Icelandic hotdog to replace several meals during your stay to save (A LOT) of cash.

Overall our Iceland experience was absolutely amazing- don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself!

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