Why Have a First Look?

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One of my favorite moments during a wedding day…the First Look! A First Look is when the bride and groom share a private moment together and see each other before the ceremony. The emotions and reactions that occur the instant the bride and groom see each other is enough to make you tear up just watching.

Here are a few benefits of doing a First Look:

Doing a First Look can provide you with more time for photos without feeling or being rushed. Typically after the First Look, I will capture photos of the bride and groom together for a little while. If time allows before the ceremony, sometimes we can even do wedding party photos and family portraits beforehand as well. Giving us a little extra time to do more couple portraits after the ceremony. If your wedding is in the winter, you may have to do a First Look to ensure you get photos in the daylight since the sun sets much earlier during this time.

Enjoy the moment.
Savor seeing each other for the first time without the pressure of all your guests watching you. When you see each other for the first time down the aisle, you typically would feel the need to hold back from hugging/kissing/crying/speaking to each other until after the ceremony…with a First Look, there’s no need to! With a First Look, you will have your instant feelings and emotions captured and documented.

Attend Cocktail Hour with your guests.
If we get most of your photos taken prior to the ceremony, this will allow you to get back to your reception venue earlier. Mingle and chat with your guests!

Calm your nerves.
Brides and grooms are significantly less nervous for the ceremony when they do a First Look. They are still just as excited and anxious to see each other at the other end of the aisle, but simply just less nervous since they were able to share a moment prior to the ceremony.

Fresh makeup and hair.
Since we’d be taking group/couple portraits soon after you finish getting ready and immediately after your First Look, your makeup and hair will still be fresh and neat!

Adorable pictures.
And last but definitely not least, the outcome of doing a First Look can be absolutely adorable and emotional. Capturing reactions walking down the aisle are sweet, but capturing a couple seeing each other for the first time in their wedding attire in a private setting is even sweeter.



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