5 Engagement Session Tips

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Why have an Engagement Session?

My goal is to build a relationship with each one of my couples throughout the course of their wedding planning.  From emails, phone calls, and the engagement session, I want to get to know you and learn how to make you feel comfortable in front of my camera.

I feel so strongly about this part of the process, that I have included a complimentary engagement session with each one of my wedding collections.  An engagement session allows you to see how I work behind the camera, gains your trust in my work, and helps make you more relaxed on your wedding day.

I look at the world with a creative eye which allows me to create images full of life and emotion.  I take candid, storytelling shots throughout your wedding day, but also love to create timeless, intimate portraits using natural light and a variety of locations.   I use my artistic talent to create poses and interactions that look natural and make you look your best.

Below are a few tips I have learned over the years that may help you in preparing for your engagement session.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me!


Engagement Session Tips

What should we wear?

– Coordinate colors. Tie together colors without looking too “matchy”.  They don’t have to be the exact same color, but in the same color family.  (e.g. the couple below has different color pinks, but in the same color family.  She has a great pop of color that ties the two of them together)

– Classic coloring. Your photographs are going to last a lifetime, try to stick with ‘classic’ and neutral colors and patterns, nothing too ‘modern’ or ‘trendy’ – or you may regret it years down the road.

– Coordinate styles. Make sure your outfits match in the overall feel.  If she’s wearing a fancy dress, he might not want to wear shorts and a casual t-shirt.

– Wear solids or simple patterns. Don’t over do it with the patterns – a little goes a long way.  Graphics or wording on shirts tend to take away from the couple.

– Stick to more fitted clothing. Baggy clothes do not compliment a person’s figure and can tend to look a bit messy – you want to be comfortable, but not ‘too’ comfortable.

Dress in layers.  Layering tops is often a flattering look in photographs.  Girls wear a pretty blouse with a cardigan or jacket.  Boys wear a shirt with a vest or tie.

– Jazz up your outfit. Adding a cute pair of heels or a funky necklace can really spice your outfit up!

– Stay away from tennis shoes. This one is for the men. Stay away from the tennis shoes unless your session theme revolves around a sport. Try dressing it up with boots or wingtips.


What location should we get our photos taken at?

Engagement pictures are a great time to show your personality as a couple.  One way of doing this is choosing the right location or theme for your shoot.  Think about the activities you love as a couple and brainstorm outside the box for a fun theme that would reflect you as a couple.  Whether that may be a camping theme with pictures of you by your pitched tent and campfire, cooking dishes in a gourmet kitchen, sipping coffee in your favorite coffee shop, picking apples at the orchard, having a picnic in your favorite park, or at your family farm.


Should we bring any props?

Props are also a great way to further demonstrate your theme and personality.  This could include bringing props for a picnic or your favorite couch or chair to take shots in a field.  A “Thank You” or “Save the Date” sign on a poster-board for personalized thank you and save the date cards is also another great option. Although some props are great ideas, try not overdoing it with too many. I want to capture you as a couple through out your session, and create simple and timeless images for you both to enjoy.

Should I get my makeup done professionally?

I think getting your makeup/hair done professionally is a great idea! You want to look your best for your engagement photos, and a makeup artist will help you do just that. You will also get a chance to get to know and create a relationship with your makeup artist prior to your wedding day. Getting your makeup/hair done can lead you to feel more beautiful and confident, which will show in your photos!


What time of day should we start our session?

The best time to shoot any portraits is normally 2 hours after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset. This will give you the most gorgeous golden lighting and sun flare in your photos (which I LOVE!). This rule can be applied to any time during the year.


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