8 Wedding Day Tips

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1. Have all your belongings ready to photograph:

When gathering the things you will need while getting ready the morning of your wedding, be sure to fill a bag with all the storytelling details that you want photographed.  This may include your jewelry, garter, shoes, sentimental borrowed/vintage broach, rings, perfume and a copy of your wedding invitation.  Having all these details in one place will help things go more smoothly for the photographer.  As a photographer, I love taking pictures of your details.  It is an important element in the storytelling of your day.  As a bride and groom, you spend so much time planning and creating these details, we want to make sure they’re captured for you!


2. Think about the small things:

– When getting ready, have your bridesmaids put all their stuff in one corner of the room. This way there aren’t purses and meal wrappers in the background of your photos.

– When you and your bridesmaids walk down the aisle and are posing for group shots, keep the bouquet around your belly button. Then I will be sure to capture all your pretty faces rather than having them be hidden behind your flowers!

– Be sure to include a satin, wooden or special hanger for your wedding dress to hang on.


3. Prepare for possible bad weather:

In Wisconsin there is no guarantee of perfect weather.  Things can change in a matter of minutes.  Make sure to plan for the possible weather changes by bringing umbrellas for your wedding party if there are chances of rain, sweaters or fur jackets if it’s cold and the proper footwear for staying warm.  This will help you stay happy, and give us the time needed to capture the best photographs even if the weather is not ideal.


4. Think about the light:

When choosing a room to get ready in, think about the lighting. Is it small and dark without any windows? If so, you may want to reconsider the location of preparation and choose a more spacious and naturally well lit room. Natural light is the best light, after all.


5. Consider a ‘First Look’:

Considering a first look can be a great option for numerous reasons.  It allows the bride and groom a sentimental and private moment together which can help calm nerves and be very memorable.  Afterwards we are able to take your couple portraits before the business of the day begins.  This will also give you more time later to enjoy your guests. You may have to consider a First Look especially if you’re planning a winter wedding, as you will lose daylight more quickly and have less time for pictures.


6. Book a makeup artist:

You want to look your best on your wedding day, and a professional makeup artist/hair stylist will help you do just that! Since it’s their profession, they know the color palettes that would compliment you the most, they have the best quality products which will last through out the day, and they know what looks good in camera! Did you know that makeup should be applied 2 shades darker to look best in photos, than how you normally would apply it? This is because things in camera can appear lighter and more washed out.


7. Create an organized timeline:

When making a wedding day timeline, do not be afraid to ask for help.  I have experience in knowing what it takes for a wedding to run smoothly and on time.  Make sure to plan on 2-3 hours either before or after the ceremony to capture family pictures, wedding party and bridal portraits.  Allow enough time for travel from photo location to reception venue.

8. Set aside some free time for more portraits:

On your wedding day, it’s typically hard to schedule group/couple portraits around the best time of daylight (sunset). So instead stressing over the timeline of your day, try planning for just 15-20 minutes that you and your bride or groom can disappear from the reception for just a short while to take some beautiful photos full of golden light!


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