DIY Hanging Floral Heart

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Hello friends!

As wedding season nears, I thought I’d show you a little project I took on creating a hanging floral heart. This adorable item would be great to showcase at weddings – whether it may be at your ceremony or a decoration at your reception, it’ll be sure to capture your guests attention.

Here is what you will need:

1. Styrofoam
2. Scissors
3. Pins
4. Glue gun
5. Variety of artificial flowers
6. Decorative Ribbon
7. Heart cut out

Step 1:
Take the heart cut out and and pin it down to the Styrofoam board.


Step 2:
Take a scissors (or knife) and cut around the heart. After you are finished cutting out the heart shape, break apart and remove the Styrofoam from around the heart. You can then remove the paper heart from the Styrofoam board.


Step 3:
Take the artificial flowers and cut off the blooms, buds, and leaves – leaving about an inch or two of stem. You may need to use a wire cutters instead of a scissors since some artificial flowers have thick wire placed inside the stem.

Step 4:
Stick the stem of the flowers, buds, and leaves, into the Styrofoam board. It’s easiest to start from the outside of the heart and make your way in. Once you create a hole for the flower to be placed, remove the flower and use the hot glue gun to securely place the flower into the Styrofoam heart.


Step 5:
For the sides of the heart, take the decorative ribbon and pin it (or hot glue it) around the edges. You can also fill the edges of the heart with more flowers – but I decided to use pretty ribbed white ribbon instead!


Step 6:
Now for the last step! Depending on whether you’d like to have the heart hang, or simply rest on something – this step is optional. I personally wanted to hang mine in my office, so I added a pretty gold ribbon to mine. Take the ribbon and simply hot glue and pin it to the top of the heart on both sides.

And VOILA! You now have a beautiful hanging floral heart!

Enjoy <3

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